Day 68 – Missing them already

So excited and happy to be flying home for the holidays, and yet so sad to be leaving our beautiful furry family for 4 weeks. It’s amazing how much our animals enrich our lives.
They’ve watched as we’ve pulled the suitcases out of the closet and frantically searched through our drawers and shelves for winter clothes…bending to hug and pat them every chance we get, for we know how much we’ll miss them. Obviously, instead of packing, I’m following them around taking pictures.
We know they’re in good hands and we’ve stocked the basket with lots of toys and heaps of food. By the time we get back, they’ll forgot they missed us at all 🙂 We love you Purdy, Keepa, Jake and Tuck!! See you soon and be good for Jason and Senta while we’re away!!! Please!


8 thoughts on “Day 68 – Missing them already

  1. ohhh beautiful furry babies!!!!!. have a safe trip my friends and enjoy your family xoxoxox
    merry christmas , this is the last one with fitfull sleeps then it will be time to play Santa clause for the next 10 years for the other little people about to enter your lives 🙂

  2. Ms C…..mine are the same way when we pull out the the bags. Makes me sad and I pine for them the whole time I am away from . A beautiful family of hearts ,tails and love….enjoy your visit with the 2 legged family…..God Spede….jim

  3. They are beautiful. it’s funny how pets know that you’re going away – they have that look in their eyes as if to say, “Please, don’t leave me.” Awww – they’ll be all over you when you are all back!

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