Day 57 – Trial and error

I am an absolute novice when it comes to post processing photos. After importing a picture into Photoshop, the only thing I know how to do with it is create layers. Period. I bought the ‘Photoshop for Dummies’ book (a while back)  and once I get around to reading through 500 pages of confusing techniques, maybe I’ll learn another skill or two. Until that time, I’m left to my own devices.

With all that in mind, I decided to practice with some HDR imaging today (not in photoshop). I have never tried this before, but have been intrigued by some HDR images I’ve seen from other photographers. I took five photos (all shot at different exposures) on my tripod. I converted them into black and white (experimenting, as most HDR I’ve seen has been in color) then merged them with Dynamic HDR, using high contrast and warming the Kelvin until I was happy with what I was looking at.

These types of images do not appeal to everyone, as some find it over processed. I personally find it beautiful and love the dramatic effect of extreme lights and darks bursting in the photo. This is something I will definitely experiment with again.



8 thoughts on “Day 57 – Trial and error

  1. Beautiful picture 🙂 i really like the contrast and the different components of the picture i do, however, find the yellow a bit to strong, a more mellow sepia look would be easier on the eyes in my opinion 🙂 but other than that really nice picture 🙂

  2. You should look at Jeffrey Smart’s artwork… quite striking and you can get the same effects with this technique… he is very ‘post apocolypic / still imagery’…. I think it is how it challenges what you are comfortable with or what you are use to… still beauty can be scary

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