Day 53 – Possum Portrait

But yet, another of our daily (evenings only) visitors. This little cutey is a Brushtail Possum. Very common in Australia and not at all like our American Possums, which are pretty hideous really. These guys love fruit and are quite friendly in their pursuit for a nightly feed (my experience anyway). I’ve spent many evenings hand feeding them (bananas usually) as they climb down out of our trees onto the roof and out to the rafters. I’ve also seen them come in open windows at friend’s houses to help themselves to the fruit bowl.

The Koolies (our dogs) spend their last hours before bedtime chasing them back up the trees, usually barking obnoxiously.


3 thoughts on “Day 53 – Possum Portrait

  1. I wish we had these and not our nasty ones. Britt was sitting out on her back porch at night and she felt something brush up against her leg, she looked down and it was a opossum! EWWW, then it hissed and it ran away.

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