Day 51 – Rub a dub, just relaxin in the tub…

This is probably not what most people want to see when they open their eyes after washing their hair. I’m not even sure how you get in shower, and not notice something this big in the first place! That’s precisely what happened to Lara though! I heard a bit of commotion in the bathroom and asked if everything was okay. Next thing I know, she’s streaking through the house, asking for the cat. (Strange turn of events, I know). After the cloud of confusion cleared in my head, I realized she must need him to catch something…and judging by her appearance, it must be in the shower. I simply ask “how big?” Her response, “decent”.

It was morning time, which makes this story even more interesting, as huntsman usually only appear at night…like creepy, eight legged ninjas. In any case, I felt a sudden adrenaline rush, then done the unthinkable…grabbed the spider catcher and went to the bathroom. I felt really proud (and EXTREMELY brave) when I managed to snag him on the first attempt. I dropped him outside the bedroom window before my nerves settled and I realized I should get a picture of him!! I quickly scrambled outside for my photo op of the day…

These are the results. I realize they are not the best macro shots I’ve ever taken…but you must understand, this was a huge undertaking for me. I’m still in shock that I even tried. When you’re staring through the view finder at something that terrifies you, not knowing when it may decide to jump on your face…well, it tends to make macro a wee bit more challenging.


6 thoughts on “Day 51 – Rub a dub, just relaxin in the tub…

  1. Rub-a-dub-dub..LOL…Almost as big as your hand?? Omg!!!! You hate spiders, bud, remember??
    Great job on pix. Sucker has a creepy little face, ey? Poor Lara!!

    fyi I will be in KY on Wed. 16th, and Beth coming in on Friday (renting car to get to your house). We will stay till Sunday afternoon (drive car back to airport). We aren’t able to bring the little man this time, but will have pix. Can’t wait to see you all !!!!!

  2. Wow, great photos of the spider. I know how hard it is to take them, especially with macro lenses. I’ve started to take photos of spiders I see too, and it’s a bit scary, but now that I’m doing it, I think they are less scary, as the ones I’ve seen let me get close, which amazes me. Granted, this probably isn’t a practice I should try with all types of spiders. šŸ™‚

    Great catch with these. I like the images!

    • Thank you so much! I agree, was terrified of spiders before I started photographing them. I’ve developed a health relationship with my fear…for the most part. I still find it hard to get close to the huntsman though. They’re huge. AND, I actually did get bitten by one, it was in my shoe. Sigh, most Australians will tell you they don’t bite (leave it to an American to find out otherwise). I can tell you that they do, it hurts bad but thankfully wont kill you šŸ˜‰

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