Day 49 – “Flu bugs”

Still fighting this nagging cold/flu, I didn’t go on any fun outdoor adventures today. Decided today would be a proper day of rest. As a result I was bound by the confines of our property for today’s pic(s). That’s not a problem thankfully, as we live on several acres of bushland and I often go on “inner perimeter” strolls anyway.

These paper wasps were busy putting together a new nest out by the pool. I’m happy to say nobody was hurt in the taking of this photo (or more specifically, I didn’t get stung!) πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Day 49 – “Flu bugs”

  1. Great picture honey, sorry to hear you are still plaqued with bug. Better now than later though…want you well for Christmas. We don’t want to miss a moment of fun!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you both…we will talk soon. Thanksgiving week ahead…we will be gathering at our house after all. I’m off to work now…wishing you blessings of wellness!

    • Thanks momma! I’m fine, just the usual sinus type crud. Feeling much better now that I spent a full day in bed yesterday with a box of sudafed, allergy eye drops, hanky, laptop and my latest nat geo. Wish you could save us a plate for Thanksgiving, mmmmm!!!

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