Day 46 – Family bonding

Three hungry babies, sitting in a tree…

Mom and Dad appear and regurgitate breakfast…

Who’s first?  Pick me, pick me!

Down the hatch!

I quietly hid and watched this Noisy Miner family engage in a morning feed. The parents would fly off and find food, then return minutes later, regurgitate and feed the babies. The babies would make lots of noise when the parents were out on the food hunt, hence the reason I even found them in the first place.

Perhaps not a demonstration of photographic geniusness, but a pretty cool sequence of events!


8 thoughts on “Day 46 – Family bonding

  1. I love these photos. They are wonderful and show a particular time for these young birds. Helps that the birds are striking with their color and the vibrant yellow beaks too. Great photography here. I really enjoyed these photos1

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