Day 45 – Big trees and blue skies

Wide angle lenses aren’t appropriate for every occasion, but they are so much fun when the time is right. In this instance, I definitely needed a wide angle to capture the monstrous span off all the tree limbs. I shot this at 10mm!

After uploading to my computer, I stared at the pic for several minutes. I was intrigued by something that I just couldn’t quite put my finger on. I came to the conclusion that this big, black tree is not only the hero of the picture (for me anyway) because of it’s massive size, but also for the way it seemingly divides the color in the photo. It was a beautiful day and the blue sky weaving in and out of the long dark branches really caught my attention. Based on that logic, I decided to desaturate the green in order to make the sky seem even more dramatic. Doing this also made the color division more evident, as everything on the bottom half of the photo seemed to fade to black and white. It achieved the effect I was looking for.


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