Day 40 – A hand held moon

I went for a three hour hike in mountains this evening…a bit of a soul cleansing after a long, traumatic day of work.  You’d think me with a camera, in the woods, three hours, hill after hill, would result in at least a hundred random pictures of just about everything. Not today. I barely stopped long enough to catch my breath after each incline. I didn’t snap a single photo. I was just in the mood to breathe in the air and enjoy the wonders of nature, unobstructed, without peering through the viewfinder.

On the way home, I pulled into my favorite spot in the bushlands near our house…just to take a quick look around. I brought the camera with me, even though it was getting too dark for nature photography. That’s when I noticed the moon. It’s not quite full yet, should be on Thursday night. I decided to snap a picture of it anyway. I did at least have my birding lens on (Sigma 150-500), but I had no expectation that it would turn out to be a decent photo, as I was shooting completely hand held.

I’m hoping to shoot the full moon on Thursday night with the tripod. So consider this part 1 of a 2 part experiment. I’m anxious to see the difference two days and a tripod will make with this shot. Here’s to hoping the weather stays clear.

…to be continued


21 thoughts on “Day 40 – A hand held moon

  1. Sounds like you had quite a rough day today. Looking so forward to having you here. Awesome picture of the moon…I have been studying the weather predtictions during your visit home, and they say you will see a white christmas…we will see!
    Can’t wait to see what you do with the white stuff!

  2. Awesome pic, Biggin!!! An asteroid is coming our way..wouldn’t that be cool pic?

    Btw, we are thinking of flying into Louisville, KY to see you all. Is that far from Mt. Vernon?

  3. As someone who has shot the moon, that is one great shot! Sharp as sharp can be. Great lens you have there. And you’re right, the moon is so bright, that a long exposure isn’t necessary. But still, one great shot here, Cindy. Great work! And glad you got something like this after that hard day at work.

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