Day 39 – Significance

One of the great things about a picture is that it may be interpreted differently by each person who sees it. Something perceived as mundane by one person, may be of great significance to another.

This simple photo of handprints on a pole may not even strike a single second worth of afterthought for most people. For me, however, it’s quite the opposite. The moment I saw this pole today, I was taken back two and a half years, our three month camping trip across the outback, a time I’ll never forget. Handprints are prominent in Aboriginal artwork, it associates and records a persons presence with a particular site. Sort of like a signature I suppose…in a “Cindy was here” kind of way.

Anytime I see handprints, I’m temporarily transported to that amazing adventure and everything that went with it. So whilst this photo may not burn its way into the memory banks for many, it represents something of great significance to me.


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