Day 38 – Let there be light

Another one of our quirky lights and the reflection it casts in the window. This one hangs over our dining room table and came in a “flat pack” that Lara actually put together, like a puzzle.

Seems I’m cutting it a bit close for time again today. What can I say, sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day. Let me rephrase that, sometimes there is not enough hours “outside of work” in the day…which leads to me scraping all my little brain cells together to think of an interesting object to photograph before day’s end. This is really what is cool about this challenge to myself though. It forces me to look at things more creatively…and in turn, I’m discovering an appreciation for things I might otherwise take for granted.

Now, lights off. I’m going to bed.


2 thoughts on “Day 38 – Let there be light

  1. That’s very cool! Not enough hours in my day either! Day just got cut shorter as of last night. Going to be dark at 5:30 now. Will have to start rising an hour earlier to stay ahead…ugh!

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