Day 34 “Bugs”

As a kid, I used to catch bugs of all sorts. Mainly butterflys and caterpillars, but other things from time to time. I would make little homemade bug houses out of empty 2 liter soda bottles…furnishing them with lots of little twigs, leaves and rocks, so the bugs would feel at home. I also had a real affinity for frogs and turtles. Still do. To this day, they are two of my favorite animals. I can remember using Mom and Dad’s coolers to make turtle and frog habitats, and filling the garage with all of my captive little creatures. One of the coolest things was getting to watch the cycle of caterpillar to butterfly take place, step by step.

I suppose the only thing that has changed from then is that I don’t actually keep the captured little critters…not like I used to anyway. I keep them a different way, in a photo. I love almost everything about nature. (Except ticks, I still haven’t figured out their purpose on this earth…other than to annoy the crap out of me)

So if you’ve been wondering why I take so many bug photos (or nature photos in general), that is why. The name of my blog is “just being me” afterall… and this is what I do.


9 thoughts on “Day 34 “Bugs”

  1. lol i used to do the same thing with the little bug habitats. i also used to collect dead butterflys, moths, bees and dragonflys in a box, a little morbid, i know! i kept them until they fell apart in tiny pieces. also, i agree with you on ticks, also lice, maggots, bedbugs, etc.

    • Hmmm…dead bugs. Never did that myself, but I’m not judging 😉 I hate ticks. I’ve already pulled so many off this year. I remember getting into a patch of little baby ticks in Kentucky a few years ago and literally picked (well Lara did) hundreds off my entire body for the next 24 hours. I was in my own personal hell. There is a tick here in Australia, known as paralysis tick. It’s absolutely fatal to dogs and cats…we do really thorough tick checks with the animals before bed every night.

      • LOL it actually took me rereading my post to get how creepy that sounded heehee. Hundreds of ticks?? EWWWWW i’ve only had a couple ticks before, i’ve found them in my hair and back and stuff and i freaked out. I was convinced I had lyme disease!

  2. Cool, Biggin! The last little dude is looking right into the camera, what a ham! You should put that pic together with the spider on the leaf that is looking right at us and all the little critters that love the paparazzi…loving it!!!

  3. I use to collect bugs in pillow cases… I still remember squatting on the lawn and pouncing on grasshoppers especially with a cupped hand. Nothing put more fear in my mother than a sac actually moving by itself on the couch or floor. I also use sneak things into the house… I often really did have a frog in my pants ;p

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