Day 30

An assault in progress!!

The unsuspecting victim

The perp

An expression of interest

Caught red handed…attempted assault!

I was fortunate enough to witness this today. The funniest part is, I watched it all happen before I really knew what was actually taking place. We were watching the cockatoo, as he was “dancing” around and getting all fluffy. I was completely oblivious to the bearded dragon sitting on the branch across from him. I originally thought the cockatoo was just being “flirty” (as they sometimes are) and trying to reach for a branch. It wasn’t until after I had actually snapped a couple of pics that I even noticed the dragon.

Not sure what the cockatoo’s intentions were with the bearded dragon, if you ask me he was just being a cheeky bugger…as they often are. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see how this would have played out, as the cockatoo missed his grab attempt and fell forward, flying off. Seems to me he was biting off more than he could chew…


5 thoughts on “Day 30

    • I was surprised to see this happen. Especially since the dragon wasn’t anywhere near a nest. Matter of fact, the cockatoos had just flown in from somewhere else and only stopped here briefly to graze some of the native trees. Those cockys are soooo cheeky.

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