Day 19

The beloved Bellbowrie sign. The moment I see this sign on Tuesday mornings I feel a sense of relief. It means I’ve finished my work week and I’m about two seconds from being home (literally, just ahead on the right). I was so happy to see it this morning, that I decided to pull over and take a quick picture of it. I desaturated the green from the grass and trees to not only emphasize the purple of the tree and blue of the sky, but to also convey the sense of peacefulness and calmness that I was feeling.

The bottom pic is the tip of a spikey little plant. I took it as I was sitting by the dam on the back of our property with the dogs this afternoon. I made it black and white, obviously I’m in no mood for green today.

On a side note, still no huntsman sightings in the house since buying the spider catcher…word is out in the huntsman community I suppose. I’m still not sure I’m brave enough to take that picture.


3 thoughts on “Day 19

    • A spider catcher is about 3 feet long, has hard bristles at one end and a trigger at the other. When you have a bug that needs removed, you press the trigger and it opens the bristles, you then place it over top of bug and let go of trigger. The bristles close, rendering the bug immobile. You can then take it outside and let it go. Don’t worry, I will have a whole set of illustrations on how this works when we get our next big huntsman.

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