Day 18

It’s funny how things happen when you’re least prepared sometimes. In this case, I was partially prepared, in the fact that I did at least have my camera…as always. However, I didn’t have my wildlife lens (the one I use for birding and other things I can’t get right on top of). I don’t always bring my big lens to work, and unfortunately I’m working. The good news is I have a job that allows for me to get out and about amongst the wild, sometimes. In this case, I was trekking through Tinchi Tamba wetlands, trying to get a 13 year old excited about nature. I was also telling about the huge, man eating dingos that come out at dark, in an attempt to keep the journey more edgy…and because scaring kids is just good fun sometimes.

I spotted this massive roo on our walk. I could tell from a distance he was a big one, and wanted to get as close as I could for the pic. Of course, I had just talked about scary dingos and the kid didn’t want to get any closer to wildlife than possible. She changed her mind once I gave her the options…come with me or stay right here, by yourself. I managed to get a couple of pics before he bounced off out of sight. He was an impressive roo. The pics aren’t of any photgraphic geniusness, but you can see in the top photo, he has massive biceps. My 13 year old was less than impressed when I made a joke about him being on “rooids”. I laughed.


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