Day 17

Who doesn’t need a pretty flower after a tiring weekend of work…in my case, several beautiful flowers, all blooming amidst the wild bush on our property. I noticed all the white blooms as I was pulling up our long drive on my way in from work this evening. I knew immediately what my pic for the day would be. I have looked the species up, and it’s a Dietes, also known as a fortnight lily or African iris.

The beauty of a DSLR camera is that you can control almost every aspect of your picture…including focus points and exposure, among many other things. With my macro lens, I took a normal picture of the flowers (top photo), just so you could see what they look like. I then moved in a bit closer, made my focal point very small (by adjusting my aperture) and turned down the exposure for the other two pics. I am really happy with the results. The time of day was ideal for outdoor photography as well, with the warm glow of the sun just before it sets. I love the effect of mixing light with dark…

Off to rest my weary head now, I’ve worked hard this weekend. Sort of. 😉


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