Day 16

For two of my favorite people in the whole world…

Happy Birthday Lara!

Happy Birthday Luke!

I’ve sliced you both a piece of cake…

I have to admit that I took the sand pics over a week ago in preparation for this (see how thoughtful I am)…but to honor my daily pic challenge, the cake pics are fresh today! Obviously I don’t get any extra points for my cake slicing techniques and please excuse my fingerprint on the top of one.

Mabye I’ll have a play with food photography again soon. Not sure what I cook that is pretty enough for a picture though. As a matter of fact, I burnt the store bought, frozen spring rolls I was making for my lunch just now…and by burnt, I mean totally black, non edible…there was even smoke rolling out of the oven. I’ll blame it on the distraction of trying to do something nice for my loved ones 😉

Guess I’ll go find something else for lunch now. Happy Birthday Lars and Lukey, I love you both very much.


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