Day 14

She can’t see me, she can’t see me, she can’t see me…I’m just a branch.

Crap, she saw me.

As I was walking through the bush, to the dam on the back of our property, I had the great fortune of coming across this beauty. He’s a Tawny Frogmouth and he’s one of Australia’s amazing nocturnal birds. It’s only occasional that you may see one during the day, as at the first hint of an “intruder” they imitate a broken limb. Hence his position in the first pic, stiffly posed with his bill up and eyes narrowed…hoping I’ll walk right by. And I almost did!

He’ll sit on this branch all day, until it gets dark. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have my normal “birding” lens with me (the one time I don’t carry EVERYTHING), so I ran back home to get it. I had no real worries that he’d fly off whilst I was gone, as they perch in the same spot all day. Sure enough, I got back, he was still there. Frozen in his “branch pose”. After I started snapping his pic, I guess he realized I could see him and started to check me out as well. That’s when I could really see the brilliant yellow of his big eyes. Come nightfall, he will start hunting ground dwelling critters. He perches on low branches then glides down on his big, silent wings to snatch up his dinner. SO cool.

Yes, I’m perfectly proud of my nerdiness. I’m also listening to 80s rock as I type this.


10 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. Love love love this bird of prey. he does look like a branch!

    well if you’re listening to 80s rock you can’t be that big of a nerd 😉

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