Day 10

The sun was shining, birds chirping and fish jumping…not a grey cloud or raindrop in sight. If I hadn’t been working, it may have been a perfect day!

Today’s pics are from the jetty down the road from work. You can see the ocean from the front yard, just a short walk away. So I spent the morning giving a photography lesson to a 13 year old ūüėČ Too bad work isn’t this easy every day…

It was actually the wrong time of day to shoot in this location, as the sun was straight in my face. Made exposure a bit tricky. These pictures would have been a bit warmer if I was able to do this in the evening, however that wasn’t an option for me today. Perhaps I’ll shoot this location again during the evening and compare the pics from today. With the sun on my back, the colors¬†will be so much richer.

So there you have it, a hard day’s work and still time to¬†snap a photo.


2 thoughts on “Day 10

    • Thanks Ash!! It’s a jellyfish actually. Alot of them washed up in that area yesterday…pretty blue ones. Glad you got that time off, we’ll have a blast! We are so ready to be there!

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