Day 9

Yes, I know, more bugs. I can’t help myself. I’m a bit addicted to macro photography at the moment.

There is so much beauty in their tiny little world. The brilliant, shiny green of the fly with his lace wings and iridescent eyes. I’m usually too busy swatting at them to appreciate them. They’re different then the black “dirty” flies that buzz around the house and land all over your food…they stay outside where they belong and land on leaves. I’m not sure why, but from a side view they remind me of little shiny motorcycles…don’t ask.

As for the spider…I still don’t like them, but these little ones don’t scare me. This pic almost felt 3-D to me…like the spiky legs were popping right off the page. His eyes are MUCH smaller than the other spider on Day 4.

Over the next year I hope to get you closer to bugs than you’ve ever wanted to be. Probably already have…but consider this fair warning, there is more to come.


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