Day 6

Just playing with lighting again. I love the moodiness of this photo.

With the hint of halloween around the corner, I couldn’t help myself. I have always loved the spookiness and chill associated with this time of year, it’s my favorite. Just makes me miss home even more. Not that home is creepy… just that Australia hasn’t embraced halloween the way we have in the States. As a matter of fact, none of my kids (at work) have even been trick or treating!!! Something I hope to change this year 😉 I think it’s something I’ve inherited from Mom, as she absolutely loves to scare the crap out of people…and also be scared back. {Go check out the Trail of Terror up at the church camp!!!!!}

I’m forever hiding in tiny little spaces and jumping out at Lara. She hates it.

And yes, that is a bottle of Wild Turkey, Kentucky Bourbon in the background. Gotta represent. Yee haw.


8 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Thanks for the promo, you are right, it is fun to scare people. Really excited about the trail this year. Will be posting some pictures. Wish you could be here to help with the photography.

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