Day 5

Meet Bird.

Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time until I started including pics of our animals. In this case, at least, it’s one of our daily “wild” visitors. This will be the first of many introductions into our “extended” family. So meet Bird (that’s his name). Bird is a male Australian King Parrot. He comes to our house to eat several times a day…and WILL land above our window and wake us up if he arrives and there is no food out yet. He is actually one of two birds who do so…as Henry the Cockatoo will as well (but that’s a blog for another day). Bird is at least polite and “chats” to us very softly until we hear him and get up. Bird arrived this evening as I was sweeping out back, so I figured I’d blog him. Generally Bird arrives with his female partner (Mrs. Bird), but we think she may be nesting with a baby (Baby Bird) at the moment, as she hasn’t come with him as much lately. Once Baby Bird is old enough, they will actually bring him to our house for a feed too…well, they did last year anyway.

Like I said, the first of many. At least I waited til Day 5.


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