Day 3


There is no place like home, there is no place like home…that’s all I can think the minute I pull up the drive on Sunday evenings after a looooong weekend of work. In honor of that very feeling I chose to photograph these next two things.

The flower is from the little garden area at the front part of the house that I planted a couple of weeks ago. It’s often the first thing I notice when I get out of the car…the moment right before 2 Australian Koolies rip around the side of the house and bombard me with big slobbery kisses. The jewelry box is handmade from Blackheart Sassafras, a Tasmanian wood. Lara’s dad bought it for her when we were in Tasmania earlier this year. The aroma from the wood is the first thing I smell as I walk into the house.

For true photographic geniusness ;), I chose to wait until dark to take the pics so I could play with lights and shadows using my spotlight.

Ps. Whilst shooting these pics, Tuck the Cat killed a huntsman for me. This will surely be the topic of my blog in the near future. And with 3 hours left in this day, I’ve fulfilled my Day 3 obligation…


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