Day 1

I’ve struggled a bit on how to start the first day of my new photo blog. I suppose there are a few schools of thought: 1) start strong and pull in followers  2) start average, being too impressive on the very first day only sets high expectations for every other day  3) post something that introduces myself a bit, this might be way too boring  4) start with something totally random and generate bewildered interest…sigh. Perhaps I overthink.

It’s very early in the day for me, but I thought I’d jump right in with my first post and quit overthinking every single option possible. So here it is. Pots. New and pricey pots. Stainless steel to be exact. Did anyone else know that the teflon used in non-stick pots and pans can only withstand so much punishment before it chips off and starts to poison your food? I initially thought the tiny black flecks on my pasta were just seasoning…until I emptied the pot and saw the bottom. Maybe I should have included a pic of that as well, but I threw it away yesterday so it’s too late.

Not only a pic, but a lesson in life to go with it.


16 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Interesting picture – and I’m sure you weren’t overthinking. Now you have me paranoid to go check my pots and pans! Good luck with the blog!!

    • Thanks Kris…I was just thinking this morning, crap maybe I should have done a weekly project instead of a daily one! This is going to be like having a second job!! lol.

  2. Never thought new pots could look so sleek! Awesome reflecting off red tile.
    Had to laugh about your brother having a preference for metal utensils…never realized he liked to cook that much.

  3. Looking forward to following this blog! You crack me up as always…I have done the same thing thinking the specks were a pepper that just happened to come out of my food when I cooked.

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